Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

With TIMS managing your property, you will be worry-free, knowing that everything is taken care of. We manage all inspections, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. With a number of years of property management experience, and an extensive portfolio of quality trade resources, we consistently exceed client expectations.

TIMS measures success over the long term by total client satisfaction in all areas of management. This means having an open exchange of information and strategies with all Board of Directors and Owners. To achieve our long term goals of customer satisfaction we are not above sacrificing our own short term corporate profit.

Our  Services include:

24 hours continued services at your site (on site and stand by position)

Manage and train Staff , Obtain Job Estimates and Specifications ,Committees Coordination , Implementing Budgets , Implementation of Board’s Policies , Property Inspections ,Supervise Vendors and Sub-Contractors , looking after your Insurance and  work with your legal counsel .